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trusting your gut

July 29, 2020 my thoughts for today “Always trust your gut.It knows what your headHasn’t yet figured out.”~ unknown I can’t quite figure it out, but my gut is telling me that something isn’t right. I have no idea what, but the feeling is… Continue Reading “trusting your gut”

growing concerns in the United States

July 21, 2020 ** Disclaimer: This post contains controversial info about racial tensions in the United States, as well as my opinion on the matter. Images are not mine. At 1300+ words, this is a long read. This morning I got a post on… Continue Reading “growing concerns in the United States”


July 1, 2020 **Just a disclaimer that I have included some of my own opinions about the Coronavirus pandemic and also the rioting going on right now. These are my opinions based on facts/articles/news…whatever I have read or heard recently. my thoughts for today… Continue Reading “1200+”

too hot to think

June 10, 2020 my thoughts for today At the moment, it is 92 degrees (33.3C) outside and the humidity is making it feel over 100 degrees. Thank goodness for the pool, as we don’t have air conditioning. How would I survive without the pool?… Continue Reading “too hot to think”

floating through a dream

June 5, 2020 my thoughts for today It does feel like I’m living in some kind of alternate reality. Does any one else feel it? Things have gotten so crazy in the last couple of months. But I’m not here to talk about that.… Continue Reading “floating through a dream”


June 3, 2020 my thoughts for today There have been so many thoughts and changes going on right now, below is only a sampling of what has been running through my brain and through my life. I was going to share some thoughts on… Continue Reading “changes”

*froze in time*

May 29, 2020 my thoughts for today this is a longer read, being at 862 words… I don’t know why my computer didn’t record the details for this photo. It was taken on my other digital CANON camera, not my CANON EOS Rebel T6… Continue Reading “*froze in time*”