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colors of spring

May 14, 2020 my thoughts for todayI was going to show you some photosof the wildlife in my backyard, but like usualsomething else caught my eye all photos taken with my cell phone today hope you enjoy! I’m pretty sure the risk of frost… Continue Reading “colors of spring”

keeping it simple

May 13, 2020 All images taken with my cell phone todayMay 13, 2020 my thoughts for today At least, I hope I can keep it simple. The sun came out, the temperature has risen…73 degrees (22.78 C) outside right now, my pool is full… Continue Reading “keeping it simple”

Just a Curl

May 12, 2020 My thoughts for today First I guess I should tell you that I got my phone situation fixed. It was a mix up, on my part and there’s. When I bought my son his new phone and she asked me for… Continue Reading “Just a Curl”

when you think things are bad

May 11, 2020 My Thoughts For Today It’s been a rough day! Not so bad, and it could have been worse…but still, it hasn’t been good! I will try and explain… But first, I did get this photo of a fly on a lilac… Continue Reading “when you think things are bad”

spring pretty

May 8, 2020 cell phone pics taken todaymy thoughts for today I really hope the possible freeze and snow we get tonight doesn’t harm them… it is what it is, right? For this area, where I live it’s just a watch, further west it… Continue Reading “spring pretty”

All Things Seem Possible In May

May 3, 2020 on a lazy Sundaythrough cell phone pictures “Rough windsdo shakethe darling budsof may.”~ William Shakespeare Did I ever tell you that William Shakespeare was supposedly infatuated with an ancestor of mine? The story goes that he proposed to her but she… Continue Reading “All Things Seem Possible In May”

A Rose Of Sharon And A New Pool

May 2, 2020 my thoughts for today Sorry I’m late, we just finished setting up the new pool. It took us all afternoon. We probably would’ve been done over an hour ago, if we had paid attention to a little – major – detail… Continue Reading “A Rose Of Sharon And A New Pool”