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where birds talk and oceans sing

May 19, 2020 my thoughts for today I got a new vacuum for my new pool today! I ordered it anyway, should be here by Sunday. Not that I’m getting in the pool to clean it. It’s been way to cool for it!! Only…

two in blue

May 11, 2020 Am I keeping the theme going – two? Maybe, maybe not! Who knows what the rest of the day will bring! I know I’m supposed to do “fun with words” right now, but I’ve got some thoughts on my mind that…

make your own sunshine

May 3, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Make Your Own Sunshine “May sunshine surround you each new day.And may smiles and love never be far away.”~ Catherine Pulsifer Sunshine is the best medicineNext to laughter Even on a cloudy daythe sun is shiningsomewhere “Here comes the…

I will not

April 15, 2020 I will notlet you get a pictureof my better side not happening!~ HCMorris ~ as much as I wanted to, I didn’t get the chance to work on any photos…the sun has been shining all day, so I had to take…

enjoy the little things

April 12, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration ~ It’s the little things that make life wonderful ~ “Sometimes the smallest thingstake up the most room in our hearts.”~ Winnie the Pooh “In this lifewe cannotalways dogreat things.But we cando small thingswith great love.”~ Mother Theresa Today…

ready for spring

March 24, 2020 Picture of the Day “Sometimes the smallest thingstake up the most roomin your heart.”~ Winnie the Pooh Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to Amazon: A Walk in the Wood: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named…

In the Tree

March 23, 2020 Picture of the Day “A wise person knows there is something to be learned from everywhere.”~ unknown Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to Amazon: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein; available on kindle and hardcover; 57…

in blue

March 3, 2020 Abstract Since today is National I want you to be happy day, here are some “happy” quotes, or something thereof… “The only thing that will make you happyis being happy with who you are,and not who people think you are.”~ Goldie…

curly que

Feb 15, 2020 Picture of the Day “Be brave enough to let your dreams come true.” ~ unknown Today is… National Gumdrop DayNational Wisconsin DaySingles Awareness Day(Sorry I forgot yesterday, I was in a mood 🙂 ) So… as you can see I’ve been…

Take time…

Jan 26, 2020 ~ Sundays Inspiration ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! Today is… National Spouses DayNational Peanut Brittle DayNational Green Juice Day ~ all of my images have been linked to inspirational books on Amazon click on either image…

Dandelion’s Close Up

Jan 8, 2020 Picture of the Day A spot of color on a cold December day brightens up the world; it doesn’t know snow is on the way ~ HCMorris ~ Today is National Joygerm (influencing others by being positive and kind) Day, National…

Rockin Robin

Dec 27, 2019 Picture of the Day The Robin in the garden… that was me. I am still around you loving and protecting you. Until we meet again… ~ ? ~ Today is National Fruitcake Day. Hope you have a great day! Thanks for…


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