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when you have no reason or explanation

January 10, 2021 Sunday’s Inspiration you know it’s love . . . love is patient – love is kind (pinterest) love is… all about communicationnot what you say, love iswhat you dosomeone who inspires youto complete yourselfhow you teach others to love youthe greatest… Continue Reading “when you have no reason or explanation”

steady in soul, free in spirit

January 2, 2021 picture of the week “spirit speaks in waysonly the heart can hear”~ Mary Davis working on replacing the kitchen faucet…we either need to get an adapter to connect the different size plumbing or return what we bought and go a different… Continue Reading “steady in soul, free in spirit”

no matter what they say . . .

December 26, 2020 picture of the week You never knowWhat’s on the other side hope you had a very merry Christmashere’s to a better 2021 It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving Hope you have a great… Continue Reading “no matter what they say . . .”

don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else

December 20, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “In this race of lifedon’t forgetthe reason you are alive”~ unknown ~ eventually, you’ll end up where you’re meant to be ~~ with who you’re supposed to be with ~~ and doing what you’re supposed to be doing ~~… Continue Reading “don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else”

faith, hope, and love

December 13, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration In this race of lifedon’t forgetthe reason you are alive~ unknown be such a beautiful soulthat people crave your vibes There is no “right time”just timeand what you choose to do with it ‘When the world says“Give up”,Hope whispers,“Try… Continue Reading “faith, hope, and love”

as beautiful as a rose

December 12, 2020 picture of the week “Pink is the color of strengtha color of convictiona color of decision making.”~ Angad Bedi hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! “I just want them to knowthey didn’t break me”~ Andie(Pretty In Pink) to… Continue Reading “as beautiful as a rose”

happiness starts with you

November 29, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “There is a time for departureeven when there’s no certain place to go.”~ Tennessee Williams “I know this transition is painfulbut you’re not falling apartyou’re just falling into something differentwith a new capacity to be beautiful.”~ William C. Hannan… Continue Reading “happiness starts with you”