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find peace

October 3, 2022 wonderful ~ beautiful you find peacenot by rearranging the circumstancesbut by realizing you are at the deepest level~ Eckhart Tolle DIY Tin Oil Lamp In Case Of A Power Outage: ask a prepper…“Making a tin oil lamp is easy if you… Continue Reading “find peace”

a lone bloom in October

October 3, 2022 my words lonely pink bloomin Octoberso pretty hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! Death To The New World Order (wimkin) There are days when you just need to skip the cup and drink directly from the pot! (facebook)… Continue Reading “a lone bloom in October”

Oh no!

October 3, 2022 garden porn cover your eyes!shield the children!there is some wild and naturalfornication going on in the garden! oh no, oh no, no, no, no …this is going on Facebook, you can bet on it! If by chance you missed it, back… Continue Reading “Oh no!”


October 2, 2022 wonderful ~ beautiful perseverance isthe hard work you doafter you get tiredof the hard work you already did~ Newt Gingrich The Great Depression: ask a prepper…this is story that was sent to the editor about her family’s determination to survive the… Continue Reading “perseverance”

a garden must

October 1, 2022 wonderful ~ beautiful a garden mustcombine the poetic and the mysteriouswith a feeling of serenity and joy~ Luis Barraqan 18 Survival Uses For Super Glue: ask a prepper…patch a tent, craft a weapon, close a wound, repair broken shoes, and fill… Continue Reading “a garden must”

rain and a praying mantis

October 1, 2022 the first and the last This is something new I’ve only started recently, where I share the first and the last photo on my cell phone camera roll. First, I wanted to let you know that we are safe, dry and… Continue Reading “rain and a praying mantis”

heroes or villains?

October 1, 2022 picture of the day people love to watch movies and cheer for the heroesand root against the villainbut right nowin their own livesthese same people are cheeringfor the villains and rooting against the heroesand they don’t even realize it hope you… Continue Reading “heroes or villains?”