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~ My Dad’s Story ~

March 11, 2020 My Name’s Max – short for nothin’ ~SANDY and SUSIE~ Sandy ~ Sandy was the dog my dad had when my parents were married. They took her everywhere…even camping in the Smokey Mountains and trips to Skyline Drive, hiking along the… Continue Reading “~ My Dad’s Story ~”

my dads story – the 1960’s and ’70’s

PART TWO * my dad passed away before we could get the whole story written down, so this part is as Holly (me) remembers it being told throughout the years. He passed away from liver disease on March 17, 2017. When he started writing,… Continue Reading “my dads story – the 1960’s and ’70’s”

My Dad’s Story – Part Four

Feb 12, 2020 HYNDMAN FIRE – 1949, Christmas Eve I remember the Hyndman fire, and being disappointed that I couldn’t go and help. Those were the days when, if there was a fire nearby, the boys were dismissed from school to help with the… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story – Part Four”

All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Oct 19, 2019 It’s been a good day so far! Been getting things done outside…it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I figured since I shared some of my memories with you earlier today, I’d share some of the photos I have from way back when.… Continue Reading “All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away”