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Just peeking in

March 9, 2020 Fun With Words peek-a-booI see youI have nothing to giveBut a hello!How are you?~ HCMorris ~ peek a boo – a game, a song, a piece of clothing (a dress, blouse or other such thing that shows a little skin) other… Continue Reading “Just peeking in”


Nov 22, 2019 Picture of the Day Peek a boo Good to see you click on either image to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest So early in the morn when the dew is rising and the sun is too! ~… Continue Reading “Peek-a-boo”

1278 PHOTOS: Peek-A-Boo

Sept 21, 2019 Saturday’s Ramblings So, until the end of the month, you will be seeing three posts a day, for the most part – I think! I’ve got way to many photos left to share and only 9 days left! Hopefully I don’t… Continue Reading “1278 PHOTOS: Peek-A-Boo”