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gunpowder treason and plot

August 5, 2020 picture of the day “Every moment in lifeis an explosionworth celebrating.”~ Douglas Ross here is the original, also available at Pixels… shown as a throw pillow, click on the image to be taken to this item at Pixels the stats for… Continue Reading “gunpowder treason and plot”

you can fly

July 18, 2020 picture of the week “Now think of the happiest thingsIt’s the same as having wingsTake the path that moonbeams makeIf the moon is still awakeYou’ll see him wink his eye.You can fly!”~ Peter Pan to see what photos/art I have available,… Continue Reading “you can fly”

not always black and white

July 14, 2020 picture of the day “To see in color is a delight for the eyebut to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”~ Andri Cauldwell here is the original photo taken with my cell phone… to see what… Continue Reading “not always black and white”

photo art

May 25, 2020 Now that I see it on my computer, I see a couple of areas that need some work. Wont take much… I did this on PhotoShop on my phone. Sorry this is so late… There’s a couple of reasons. First my… Continue Reading “photo art”

black and white flower

Feb 13, 2020 Imagination… Turned black and whiteAll the shapes to seeNot just natureAt its bestBut also moodshappy or sadgloomy or whimsicalsomething romantica reflection of ourselves StoriesTo tellOr keep to our selfA NovelA Poemor just something short ArtA storyA mood~ HCMorris ~ All I… Continue Reading “black and white flower”

A weird tornado?

Jan 31, 2020 Since today is inspire your heart with art day, I figured I’d show you some “art” I’ve been working on today. The original… cropped and inverted… polar co-ordinate… I think I also posterized it at this point, but I can’t be… Continue Reading “A weird tornado?”

Nature’s Art

Nov 10, 2019 I normally wouldn’t post these photos now, but I just couldn’t wait to share. The following images are crops of the photo above. There will be more, but this is what I was able to finish before bed last night. I… Continue Reading “Nature’s Art”