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camping memories

April 6, 2020 Cold airDark nightWarm fire Camping memories Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! I’m not feeling too good! No worries…I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m sure that’s all it is. No fever or anything…Going back to bed for…

the beauty of nature inspires

April 5, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “Don’t be afraid of criticismthe tallest trees are alwaysconfronted by the strongest winds.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo “Trees do not preachlearning and precepts.They preach,undeterred by particulars,the ancient law of life.”~ Herman Hesse “Learn character from treesvalues from rootschange from leaves.”~…


March 30, 2020 Fun With Words “My goal is not to be better than anyone elsebut to be better than I used to be.” “Your attitude is like a price tagit shows how valuable you are.” Attitude: noun: attitude; plural noun: attitudes a settled…

enjoy the little things

March 29, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “There is a calmnessto a life lived in gratitudea quiet joy.”~ Ralph H. Blum “When it hurts, observe. Life is trying to teach you something.” ~ unknown “Patience is Power” ~ unknown “When life puts you in a difficult…

it’s gonna bite

Feb 24, 2020 Fun With Words Something really simple… enjoy! and the word or the day is… EPITHALAMIUM: a poem written to celebrate a wedding (The Weird World of Worlds by Mitchell Symons) Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to…

Trust Your Instincts, Leave Her Wild

Feb 16, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! The only photo I have linked to Amazon is the top one, with the quote from To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. It is available as a kindle book,…

It’s Only A Dream…

Feb 10, 2020 Fun With Words The info in this post comes from The Weird World Of Words by Mitchell Symons. Enjoy…! Obdormition: when an arm or leg goes to ‘sleep’ as a result of numbness caused by pressure on a nerve Word that…

nurture nature, like a butterfly

Feb 3, 2020 Fun With Words So, I woke up this morning and realized that I didn’t have anything for today 😦 It’s been a really busy weekend for me, but that’s no excuse… anyway, I pulled up some pictures from the past and…

inspiration from nature

Feb 2, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below is linked to Amazon… I’ve been…

water, water – everywhere!

Jan 27, 2020 Fun With Words the photo above is linked to “Dehydrated water” at amazon… I thought is was funny! So… on to some cool stuff I found! Hope you enjoy!! Some water words for you: sprinkle, spray, irrigate, soak, flood, douse, wet,…

Anything is Possible…and doable

Jan 12, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration and Double Vision Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on the image below to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below is…

Life, Hope and Eternal Spring

Jan 5, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~ Henri Matisse “Your branches can only reach high if your roots go deep.” ~ Brian Logue Handle With Care “Where there’s still life there’s still hope.” ~…

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