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no air conditioning and a caterpillar in my hand

July 19, 2020 my thoughts for the week… no air conditioning… I know I haven’t posted like I normally do…this week’s been a hard week, with having an asthma attack last Sunday (July 12) and the heat wave, haven’t felt like doing much of… Continue Reading “no air conditioning and a caterpillar in my hand”

Fun With Words

Sept 23, 2019 ADVERTISING! I think these are hilarious and had to share! You would never be able to get away with these kinds of ads now a days! I was going to include some interesting facts about advertising, but I couldn’t really find… Continue Reading “Fun With Words”


July 1,2019 Just wanted to let everyone know that I updated my PICFAIR page. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I last updated it! Sorry about that! I guess life got in the way… “Be happy, it drives people crazy.” –… Continue Reading “PICFAIR IMAGES 2”