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it’s quite possible things could turn out much better than you could imagine

September 18, 2021 Picture of the Week Miracles start to happen whenyou give as much energy to your dreamsas you do to your fears Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! “A strong woman knows she has strength for the journey, but… Continue Reading “it’s quite possible things could turn out much better than you could imagine”

oh me oh my!

July 24, 2021 I was chasing my dreamsBut I tripped over my realityAnd busted my headOn the truth! Picture of the Week “If you always do what interests you,at least one person will be pleased.”~ Katherine Hepburn Hope you have a great day!Thanks for… Continue Reading “oh me oh my!”

94 degrees and sunny

June 30, 2021 my thoughts for today Well, my computer says it’s 94 degrees F (34C), but my indoor/outdoor thermometer says it’s 95. What’s one degree, right? It is 87 in the house… So, I haven’t been doing too much…anything that needs to get… Continue Reading “94 degrees and sunny”

in the midst of chaos lies creativity

June 17, 2021 My son and I got to talking about dreams, the apocolypse, troubling times and life in general and was intending to post this at least an hour ago. Considering, that I put this off til today…at least I got this done.… Continue Reading “in the midst of chaos lies creativity”

silence and solitude

June 9, 2021 “Let silenceTake you to the core of life.”~ Rumi “Solitude is dangerous.It’s addicting.Once you see how peaceful it is,you don’t want to deal with people.”~ unknown ~ hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! I am strong.But I’m tired.… Continue Reading “silence and solitude”

waiting for the sun

May 26, 2021 I really need to get in the pool and clean it… …but I figured I’d go ahead and share this photo with you, while I’m waiting for the sun to reach the pool. I could get in and clean it now,… Continue Reading “waiting for the sun”

your wings are ready

May 21, 2021 Oh sweet gardenHow I love thee! to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… picfair (birds)pixelspinterest (Holly’s Photos)shop: Holly’s World – available for download*many options available at the different sites you know it’s love . . .a… Continue Reading “your wings are ready”