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there is nothing more powerful than paying attention

January 23, 2021 “There is nothing more powerfulthan paying attention”~ Jordan Peterson picture of the week and somehowafter everythingshe still bloomedin the way she was meant to~ MHN(Morgan Harper Nichols) hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! “It’s not so much staying… Continue Reading “there is nothing more powerful than paying attention”

take it easy

January 16, 2021 ~ I’m doing this post in two parts today…when you reach “hope you have a great day!” that’s the end of the first part. After that, it gets more political. You can decide if you want to read beyond that. picture… Continue Reading “take it easy”

happy in the sunshine

January 9, 2021 picture of the week heliophilia (n)the desire to stay in the sunlove of sunlight doesn’t he look happy? It’s currently 34 degrees (1.11C), but the cold doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Oh, this is Bobtail (my name for him) and… Continue Reading “happy in the sunshine”

nothing lasts forever . . .

December 5, 2020 …even an itch on the back! picture of the week “Nothing lasts forever.Forever is a lie.All we have is what’s betweenHello and goodbye.”~ via Quotes’ndNotes ~ hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! Nothing Lasts Forever keep calm and… Continue Reading “nothing lasts forever . . .”

spread your wings, the sky’s the limit

October 31, 2020 I know it’s not the best, picture…but still worth showing! My son and I were hiking in the Catoctin Mountains, when she landed on the other side of the creek from us. I only got the one picture before she flew… Continue Reading “spread your wings, the sky’s the limit”

change is in the air

September 26, 2020 picture(s) of the week Yes, this week you will get more than one! So much is changing…I guess it goes with the territory, Holly’s World is going through some changes, the weather is changing as well! I will go through some… Continue Reading “change is in the air”

flower and ice

September 19, 2020 hmmm…another picture of the week! But not a recent one. When I picked this post to reblog, I didn’t realize it was a picture of the week. It does seem that we are getting back into the cold season…rather quickly, if… Continue Reading “flower and ice”