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how lovely is the silence of growing things

April 17, 2021 picture(s) of the week all photos taken with my cell phone My gardens are coming to life…despite the fact that we had a cold snap later in the week. We’ve had the wood stove going off and on throughout the week,… Continue Reading “how lovely is the silence of growing things”

now is where love breathes

March 13, 2021 picture(s) of the weekmy thoughts for today All of the following photos were taken with my LG cell phone camera this past week… the above photo was taken from the Tractor Supply parking lot, late Wednesday afternoon, when I went to… Continue Reading “now is where love breathes”

Playing with my new lenses

Dec 28, 2019 Picture(s) of the Week With these photos, I used the 18-55mm lens plus three of my new macro lenses stacked on top…+1, +2, +10. This allows the photographer (me!) to get super close to the subject. I was probably only about… Continue Reading “Playing with my new lenses”

one for every day

Dec 14, 2019 Picture(s) of the Week I can’t decide which photo to use for this post, so I decided to use one for every day of the week (7)! Not that one was taken every day this week, but there is one for… Continue Reading “one for every day”

Picture(s) of the Week

Nov 2, 2019 I couldn’t pick just one, so you get three! Hope you enjoy! “Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.”       ~ Charles Dickens Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either… Continue Reading “Picture(s) of the Week”