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1269 Photos: Point and Shoot

August 8, 2019 So, from now on, you will be seeing images with my name attached. I’m trying to decide if I add my name directly to the photo or add a border to the image. For now, this works. ” In every walk… Continue Reading “1269 Photos: Point and Shoot”

Point and Shoot 3June 27, 2019

Queen Anne’s Lace Queen Anne, wife of James I of England, was a great lace maker. One day, she pricked her finger, spilling a drop of blood on a nearby flower. Hence the tiny purplish black or deep red floweret gracing the flower. (Anextraordinaryday.net)… Continue Reading “Point and Shoot 3June 27, 2019”

POINT AND SHOOT 2June 20, 2019

Here are some of my point and shoot photos for this week. I’ve found, in my own personal experience, that sometimes things turn out better if you don’t focus so hard. Let things flow! I still haven’t figured out what this flower is… “Why… Continue Reading “POINT AND SHOOT 2June 20, 2019”

Sunday’s Pleasures 2

Turned out that yesterday was very relaxing. We were supposed to visit with my boyfriend’s son, but it was cancelled. Even though I worked yesterday morning, it was a pretty stress free day! Here’s some pictures I took yesterday: This yucca is the only… Continue Reading “Sunday’s Pleasures 2”