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what used to be

August 21, 2020 This post was written almost a year ago…back when I was still working, before the pandemic, before the world went crazy. I wasn’t going to repost this, but then I figured, why not. Just to remember… I haven’t been able to… Continue Reading “what used to be”

Happy To See You

August 7, 2020 picture of the day “The unexpected and the incrediblebelong in this world.Only then is life whole.”~ Carl Jung [God creating praying mantis]God: make an insect that does karateAngel: OkGod: Now make it bite her husband’s head offAngel: Dude, we need to… Continue Reading “Happy To See You”

Looking for a mate

Nov 21, 2019 I found this little guy, or should I say – little lady, while walking around taking photos on the property. She was originally part way in the driveway and I knew my boyfriend would be getting home soon and could very… Continue Reading “Looking for a mate”

Upside Down

Nov 20, 2019 Picture of the Day “The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole.” ~ Carl Jung Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image to see what I have available… Continue Reading “Upside Down”

Bugs and Things From Yesterday

November 18, 2019 Here’s some photos of the last of the seasons butterflies and a praying mantis as well as some October facts that you may or may not have known. Hope you enjoy! October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar, received… Continue Reading “Bugs and Things From Yesterday”

Praying Mantis

Oct 18, 2019 facts and quotes all info comes from treehugger.com They have great visionGiven the look of those peepers, is it any surprise that they have stereo vision? They can see in 3-D and their eyes each have a fovea – a concentrated… Continue Reading “Praying Mantis”

Picture(s) of the Week

Sept 21, 2019 I don’t normally do this, but I got some amazing pictures this week! And I couldn’t decide which one to pick, so you’re getting to see 4 of them. I was cutting the dead black eyed susan’s back yesterday when I… Continue Reading “Picture(s) of the Week”