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The Legend of Standing Rock

October 21, 2021 *This story/legend comes from the book Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends by Margot Edmonds and Ella E. Clark. “Dakota – Sioux: The Dakota – Sioux (pronounced Sue) are one of the most famous tribes in North America. They belong… Continue Reading “The Legend of Standing Rock”

what big eyes you have

May 15, 2021 picture of the week “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”~ German Proverb ~ Yeah I saved him – or her – from the bird bath. It may or may not have been stuck, chances are it could’ve gotten out… Continue Reading “what big eyes you have”

fragrance in the abstract blooms

July 29, 2020 picture of the day “A bit of fragranceclings to the hand that gives flowers.”~ Chinese Proverb here is the original… of course, I severely cropped (transformed) the photo and used a threshold filter in Photo Shop to get the effects I… Continue Reading “fragrance in the abstract blooms”