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turn the page

April 26, 2020 I wasn’t going to post at this time…but it was calling! Calling for me toAnd I knewjust knewIf I didn’tI wouldn’tbeableto do anything else below you will find a cell phone photo I took today and some editing I didalong with… Continue Reading “turn the page”

sun, wind, rain, who knows

April 13, 2020 cell phone photos on a rainy, stormy day We’ve had strong winds and rain all throughout the day. But nothing like what they – the forecasters – said we were going to get. I’m sure some areas are getting the 50-60+… Continue Reading “sun, wind, rain, who knows”

something creepy…

Jan 1, 2020 something creepy slithers down the window soaking up the rain and what ever light there is glad it’s on the outside and can’t get to me! ~ HCMorris ~ Tomorrow is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, National Buffet Day, National Science… Continue Reading “something creepy…”