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things that make you say . . . hmmmm

November 23, 2021 What will happen, if I get the chance to meet an alien one day? ~ ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are used more in algebra than in English ~ Buying and eating a half chicken means that you have secretly shared a meal… Continue Reading “things that make you say . . . hmmmm”

some random cell phone pics

August 11, 2020 random thoughts and random photos Thought I’d take a minute and share some cell phone photos I took recently. It’s been a while. I know today is “American Legends” day, but I’m expecting an important phone call so it will have… Continue Reading “some random cell phone pics”

limited edition

June 1, 2020 fun with wordsand other random thoughts “I know this defies the law of gravity,but, you see,I never studied law.”~ Bugs Bunny “‘Do not touch’ must be one of the scariest thingsto read in Braille.” The third hand on a clock is… Continue Reading “limited edition”


some thoughts about my blog and abstract photos (with originals)