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Potomac River Road trip

May 4, 2020 my thoughts for today This morning, my boyfriend and I drove down to another area of the Potomac River – The Catoctin Aqueduct. The water was way high and very swift. No fishing for a while 🙁 We’ll survive! So below… Continue Reading “Potomac River Road trip”

Road Trip – Western MD (3)

The End! Ok, I need to explain myself here. When I load my photos onto the computer, I work on them from the end and work forward. It’s the way I’ve always done things. And I took way to many photos to just pick… Continue Reading “Road Trip – Western MD (3)”

THINGS WE FIND – on the Potomac River

July 11, 2019 Yesterday (July 10, 2019) we went on a road trip – my boyfriend and I. We drove up 70 to 68 and got off, heading towards Green Ridge State Park, in Western Md. We went through the entire park, found a… Continue Reading “THINGS WE FIND – on the Potomac River”


A beautiful day for a road trip/family reunion… Hydeman is a little town in Pennsylvania between Bedford (PA) and Cumberland, MD. If traffic good, it takes about 2 hours to get there. It’s one of those towns that if you blink, you miss it.… Continue Reading “CAREFREE SATURDAY 7/FAMILY REUNION/ROAD TRIPJune 23, 2019”


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