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what makes a rose beautiful?

July 24, 2020 picture of the day Be the rose thateveryone wantsto take homebut no onecan touch here is the original… I cropped the inverted image of the rose a little, just to bring it a little closer. I feel it has a more… Continue Reading “what makes a rose beautiful?”


Two things before I get started… I was going to do this yesterday, but with the storm and flooding, it got postponed… I got to sleep in today, so everything is a little later than usual!! And by that, I mean EVERYTHING!! My cat… Continue Reading “MUSHROOMS AND FLOWERS”


Raw and true… that’s what today’s post is! I was going through my pictures I downloaded yesterday and realized I hadn’t worked on the photos for this blog. Realizing that I need to work this morning, I don’t really have time to work on… Continue Reading “UNEDITED”


First off, I have to say sorry for not posting anything yesterday! If I had, I wouldn’t have had anything to write about today… So everything happens for a reason! May 24, 2019 MY WEEDS Most people would think the picture above is nothing… Continue Reading “CAREFREE SATURDAYS 3”