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make it happen

November 18, 2020 picture of the day Happy are theywho take life day by daycomplain very littleand are thankful for the little things in life a leaf on the windshield an image of a fall/autumn leaf on a windshield, on a rainy day happiness… Continue Reading “make it happen”

flower and ice

September 19, 2020 hmmm…another picture of the week! But not a recent one. When I picked this post to reblog, I didn’t realize it was a picture of the week. It does seem that we are getting back into the cold season…rather quickly, if… Continue Reading “flower and ice”

take me away

July 16, 2020 picture of the day Blue winterTake me awayFrom all thisFrom all this heat~ HCMorris ~ this photo has not been edited, accept to take out any blemishes and maybe to brighten it a little to see what photos/art I have available,… Continue Reading “take me away”

stuck in snow

June 10, 2020 from earlier: I have no idea what is going on with my computer at the moment, but it is being really, really slow this morning. My albums at Picfair aren’t loading up, neither are my photo files on my computer.So, for… Continue Reading “stuck in snow”

budding for spring

March 16, 2020 Picture of the Day “Spring is whenlife’s alive in everything.”~ Christina Rossetti Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to amazon: Secret Garden of Survival: How to grow a camonflaged food-forest by Rick Austin; available on kindle and… Continue Reading “budding for spring”

all my troubles seemed so far away

March 13, 2020 …exactly three months ago…and I didn’t even plan it this way! “Yesterday’s just a memorytomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.”~ Bob DylanAMAZON: Bob Dylan: All the Songs (kindle/hardcover) My shoulder is feeling a little better!! I took some Aleve… Continue Reading “all my troubles seemed so far away”

trying to . . .

March 11, 2020 cell phone photo So, I’m feeling better…kind of! All this spring and winter fighting back and forth is taking a toll on me! I laid down for an hour, but never went to sleep. The bed did feel good… and will… Continue Reading “trying to . . .”