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A snake in the house!

September 25, 2023 sorry it’s not the best photo…at least you can tell it’s a snake? On Saturday we decided to pull the refrigerator out, clean it and get it plugged back in. After pulling the back off and checking it for dust and… Continue Reading “A snake in the house!”

behold the unfolding of destiny

September 21, 2023 In the era of Biden’s illegitimate reign, behold the unfolding of destiny, as the male offspring of the stooge shall unveil the hidden tapestry of corruption that shrouds the heart of Washington ~ The Modern Nostradamus *photo is mine and made… Continue Reading “behold the unfolding of destiny”

a load of stone

August 21, 2023 almost nothing a country girl can’t do If they are willing to do this… (burn, loot, and riot) they are willing to do this… (burn, burn, burn) (wimkin) I’d rather drive the wiener mobile than be caught in an overpriced Electric… Continue Reading “a load of stone”

I will do what I have to

August 11, 2023 for peace: I delete I block I disown I ignore I leave and I buy new boots! …I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a while, but could never find them at the right price. Then, one day my son… Continue Reading “I will do what I have to”

old and new

July 9, 2023 *I just wanted to share these photos with you before I go on my 5 day break… An aquarium…with new, little tadpoles swimming around and an old coo-coo clock. Both photos were made on Friday. I guess I’ll start with the… Continue Reading “old and new”

it’s too hot to think, so you get a joke

July 9, 2023 how do you spell candy with two letters?C and Y

Live laugh learn

July 7, 2023 Walk your walk let people talk