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A snowflake is winter’s butterfly

December 14, 2020 picture of the day “Take me deep into the winter woodswhere hope glitters freshly worn.”~ Angie Weiland-Crosby icy fingers an abstracted image of a plant covered in ice “The plants and earth are resting.Maybe we should too.The long days will be… Continue Reading “A snowflake is winter’s butterfly”

the odd thing about snow

Jan 31, 2020 Snow is a great insulator, but not in these images! I picked these for today, because there’s not much…or because of the shape they made… all of the images were taken on the 11th or 16th of December. We haven’t gotten… Continue Reading “the odd thing about snow”

snow flowers

Jan 23, 2020 All photos were taken December 11, 2019 Here are some strange snow facts for you, from mentalfloss.com Snowflakes aren’t the only form of snow: Snow can also come down as graupel or sleet. Not to be confused with hail, graupel (or… Continue Reading “snow flowers”