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is it spring yet?

December 17, 2020 my thoughts for todayall photos taken with my LG cell phone camera We got our first snow storm of the season yesterday. I probably shouldn’t even say “first storm of the season” as it isn’t winter yet. “We got our first… Continue Reading “is it spring yet?”

take me away

July 16, 2020 picture of the day Blue winterTake me awayFrom all thisFrom all this heat~ HCMorris ~ this photo has not been edited, accept to take out any blemishes and maybe to brighten it a little to see what photos/art I have available,… Continue Reading “take me away”

3 tires

Dec 16, 2019 Picture of the Day Not sure exactly when this photo was taken…before 2012 (when I graduated from school) and after 2008 (when I started school). Dark Room Photography was the class… “When snow falls, nature listens.” ~ Antoinette Van Kleef click… Continue Reading “3 tires”

Wintertime’s A Comin’

Nov 15, 2019 I just wanted to let you know that since winter’s coming, I won’t be getting out and doing as much hiking and such things. And since I’m already sick…it’s probably going to be a long, rough winter. Of course, I probably… Continue Reading “Wintertime’s A Comin’”


thoughts on sunrise and sunset