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be obscure clearly

December 17, 2020 “Be obscure clearly”~ E. B. White picture of the day PLEXURE Noun/Meaning:The act or processof weaving togetheror interweavingthat which is woven together(unknown) a spiders web an abstracted image of a spider web “For this we know,we did not weave the web… Continue Reading “be obscure clearly”

scary beautiful

May 13, 2020 picture of the day “What some call scaryI call beautiful.”~ Hotel Transylvania 2 to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfairshutterstockpinterest hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! Day 7 of social distancing: Struck… Continue Reading “scary beautiful”

the itsy bitsy spider…

April 24, 2020 below is an image of what I believe is a house or cellar spider….it has killed a stink bug and is sucking the juice out of it. Might be nasty, but it is a form of pest control! And as you… Continue Reading “the itsy bitsy spider…”

hanging by a thread

Feb 29, 2020 Picture of the Week Yes, bugs are starting to emerge, but they are skittish! With the cold snap here in the last couple of days, I’m sure they’ve disappeared once again. I was lucky to capture this spider! “Let us all… Continue Reading “hanging by a thread”