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your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain

August 30, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration kind heartfierce mindbrave spirit “Choose what makes your heart bloom”~ Dhiman “When your heart is brokenyou plant seedsand pray for rain.”~ Andrea Gibson “Always listen to your heartbecause even though it’s on your left sideit’s always right.”~ Nicholas Sparks… Continue Reading “your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain”

when you were only looking for a stream

August 23, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “Sometimes, falling will make you beautiful.” ~ The Chocolate “Just let go and falllike a little waterfall.”~ Bob Ross “Even the smallest of waterfallscan soothe a troubled soul.”~ HCMorris ~ 5 by 5 Rule If it won’t matter in… Continue Reading “when you were only looking for a stream”

all about love…

August 2, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “Love herbut leave her wild.”~ Atticus(To Kill a Mockingbird) “It is better to start loving yourselfthan to wait around for someone else to do it for you.”~ unknown “You have to live your life like you’ll never be sorry.It’s… Continue Reading “all about love…”

in your own beautiful way

July 26, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Grow in your own beautiful way Always wish upon stars aeonian: (adj) – [ee-oh-nee-un n] – eternal, everlasting (dictionary.com) “Everything comes to us that belongs to usif we create the capacity to receive it.”~ Tagore Always keep that little… Continue Reading “in your own beautiful way”

a time for everything

July 19, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration A time for everything! To everything(turn, turn, turn)There is a season(turn, turn, turn)And a time to every purpose,under heaven A time to be born, a time to dieA time to plant, a time to reapA time to kill, a… Continue Reading “a time for everything”

you be you

July 12, 2020 Sunday Inspiration “Don’t let someone else’s opinionof youbecome your reality.”~ Les Brown Feed a snake. Love a snake.Respect a snake. Pray for a snake.It doesn’t matter…It’s still going to bite you.” to see what photos/art I have available, click on any… Continue Reading “you be you”

seeking, striving, with all my heart

June 28, 2020 Sunday’s Motivation “I am seekingI am strivingI am in itwith all my heart”~ Vincent van Gogh “Along this earthen wonderlandmy heart falls in green loveas I gaze awestruck to the treessharing grace from above.”~ Angie Weiland-Crosby nemophilist:(n) – a haunter of… Continue Reading “seeking, striving, with all my heart”