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if you’re lucky enough to be different…don’t change

May 6, 2021 my thoughts for today Thank You! Before I do anything else, I just wanted to say thank you! For sticking around while I go through the changes that I am going throughFor listening to my rants – whatever was on my… Continue Reading “if you’re lucky enough to be different…don’t change”


February 28, 2021 ~ disclosure: there is a little bit of a political rant near the end of the post, just a little bit of my opinion of today’s political atmosphere. Nothing harsh, and kind of explains why I’ve been quiet on that front… Continue Reading “2073”

the one and only

May 5, 2020 my thoughts for today I’ve only got one image today, and I decided to play a little with the layout of it. What do you think? We did see a wild turkey today, but it was too far away to get… Continue Reading “the one and only”

light up your life

Jan 3, 2020 No cell phone photo today! It’s been a gray, dreary day and every photo I took, didn’t turn out. At least not the way I wanted it to. So maybe tomorrow…considering that it is cell phone Saturday. It is supposed to… Continue Reading “light up your life”

Something Huge!!

I just wanted to give a great big thank you to everyone! I now have 100 wordpress followers, 2 email followers and 35 facebook followers! So…thank you to everyone! I very much appreciate the follows and comments! I also wanted to say I have… Continue Reading “Something Huge!!”