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as time goes on, you’ll understand

September 30, 2022 no wordsno explanations hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!!


March 26, 2020 time to laughto cryto sleepto dreamto travelto stay putto loveto let love go so muchhas happenedin the years gone bybirthdaysanniversariesa birtha deatha weddinga tripto here or there life has startedlife goes onlife cut shortthe highsthe lowstears have been shedand laughter has… Continue Reading “time”

It’s about time

Dec 23, 2019 There are only 8 days left until next year! Where has the year gone? Time flies when you’re having fun! Time waits for no one – English (?) Folklore “Time is money” – Benjamin Franklin “Better three hours too soon than… Continue Reading “It’s about time”


Dec 9, 2019 Picture of the Day f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/125sec; ISO: 200 I do have to tell you…all of my photos go through Photoshop before they are available for your eyes 🙂 even if just to do the copyright. Some don’t need… Continue Reading “broken”