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My get up and go, just got up and went…back to bed

May 17, 2021 “And her eyes were on the highway, where life whizzed by.” ~ John Steinbeck Yesterday, I had absolutely no energy. My boyfriend and I went to visit a friend who lives near the Severn River, in MD. When we got back… Continue Reading “My get up and go, just got up and went…back to bed”

a day to escape

April 12, 2021 All photos were taken with my cell phone camera and haven’t been edited, except the last one, which I edited in PhotoShop Express on my cell phone. So, on Saturday April 10, we headed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to a… Continue Reading “a day to escape”

camping at Willow Bay

November 4, 2020 Today, I’m gonna show you some pics from when we went camping at Willow Bay Campground, in upstate Pennsylvania, in 2014. CAMPING RULES sit around the campfireeat s’moresexplorego fishingswimstar gazemake memorieswithfamily and friends Hope you enjoy! Willow Bay is located in… Continue Reading “camping at Willow Bay”

Garden of the Gods

June 29, 2020 “The richness I receive comes from nature,the source of my inspiration.”~ Claude Monet originally posted Jan 6, 2020 A long time ago… see that girl standing there? With her hands on her hips and hardly, well, dressed? I know I kinda… Continue Reading “Garden of the Gods”


May 17, 2020 Mt. Vernon – George Washington’s Historic Home… Today, I wanted to show you some photos I took when I went to Mount Vernon with my son a few years ago. I also wanted to share my thoughts with you today… I’m… Continue Reading “Necessary”

be still

April 6, 2020 “Stop a minuteright where you are… Tell that impervious voice in your headto be still.”~ Barbara Kingsolver I am feeling much better…didn’t get hardly any sleep last night. Too much on my mind! But, all is goodit’s never really everas bad… Continue Reading “be still”

country road

Feb 12, 2020 Country roadWinding throughMy home townTakes me homeTakes me where I belong Country roadTake me home With skies so blueAnd trees so tallGrass so greenJust around the bendIs where I call home Country roadTake me home Inspired by John Denver’s ‘Take Me… Continue Reading “country road”