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blue blazes (whiskey) trail

December 4, 2020 Not so long ago, my son and I went for a hike…this was back on October 28. I can’t believe it was that long ago… We decided to go to the Blue Blazes Still trail located in the Catoctin Mts, outside… Continue Reading “blue blazes (whiskey) trail”

camping at Willow Bay

November 4, 2020 Today, I’m gonna show you some pics from when we went camping at Willow Bay Campground, in upstate Pennsylvania, in 2014. CAMPING RULES sit around the campfireeat s’moresexplorego fishingswimstar gazemake memorieswithfamily and friends Hope you enjoy! Willow Bay is located in… Continue Reading “camping at Willow Bay”

beach gypsies

October 30, 2020 *Sometimes, I still have trouble creating a post, having to do it from the bottom up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So, until I get this figured out, I will be keeping my posts simple…unless I pretty much know what… Continue Reading “beach gypsies”

2010 Memories: Assateague Photos Continued

Nov 9, 2019 I know I’m posting again kinda early, but it’s Saturday and it’s way too cold to do much outside. My computer says it’s 33 degrees outside – feels like 30 – my digital thermometer says it’s 32. It was 23 degrees… Continue Reading “2010 Memories: Assateague Photos Continued”

Skyline Drive Continued

Oct 28, 2019 Some images from the first post about Skyline Drive. To read about the first half of the trek, click here. Like I said in the earlier post, ALWAYS bring supplies! You never know what is going to happen. Even what is… Continue Reading “Skyline Drive Continued”

Skyline Drive: Rose River (Trail)

Oct 25, 2019 Back When 2010 Memories Part 1 A Busy Year…but I’m so glad we made these memories! Here, I’m going to show you some photos from Rose River and share the experience(s) that came with it! First, I’m going to tell you…always,… Continue Reading “Skyline Drive: Rose River (Trail)”

Memories: 2010 part 1

Oct 19, 2019 I’m not doing a HOW TO post today. I’ve got stuff for it, but it’s just not ready. So, instead, I’m doing memories. This one will be 2010. I was going through photos, trying to figure out what to post, and… Continue Reading “Memories: 2010 part 1”