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A Little Bit of…Nothing?June 25, 2019

First off, I have to say my house and cat still stink of skunk! Not so bad now, but the smell is still there. Especially wherever my cat is. But what can I do but deal with it? I’ve got two box fans going,… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of…Nothing?June 25, 2019”

Picture of the Day 15 June 24, 2019

Taken June 8, 2016 with Samsung cell phone camera. Straight wind took it down!


Walking around the property, I realize that there is much work to do…which I have been neglecting. But first, an update on the pool. it’s almost clear enough to go go swimming! I’m thinking by tomorrow it will be ready. Yeah, that’s a sock!!… Continue Reading “WALK AROUND THE PROPERTY”