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nothing but the truth

April 3, 2023 my thoughts peace is not to be purchasedby the sacrifice of truth~ John Calvin I had no intention of things happening the way they did today…it just happened. It’s weird, because every post was started on different days. It’s not by… Continue Reading “nothing but the truth”

integrity, responsibility, question authority . . .

December 5, 2022 a 2-hour video, and a hard hitter…if you’re able to stomach it. You may or may not be familiar with what he shares. Everyone’s at their own stage of the great awakening, as the author says in the beginning. We are… Continue Reading “integrity, responsibility, question authority . . .”


December 4, 2022 Delusion is when your mind creates a reality that isn’t real. Insanity is when you can’t distinguish between your delusions and reality. These truths indict the current world of being both deluded and insane. Yea, they have chosen their own ways,… Continue Reading “delusions”

Is Muhammad Subuh the real father of Barrack Obama?

November 19, 2022 (internet image) image on the left (above) is Muhammad Subuh, the one on the right is a composite of Obama and Subuh I think the video and the article linked below say it all. There are links in the article, which… Continue Reading “Is Muhammad Subuh the real father of Barrack Obama?”

False information

August 3, 2022 About your post Friday July 1, 2022 at 7:18am we added a notice to your postThe post includes info that independent fact-checkers said was false… (facebook screen shot) Below is the post I copied that was deemed “false information”, in full…what… Continue Reading “False information”

I can handle the truth, it’s the lies that kill me

February 10, 2022 picture of the day Truth is not what you want it to beit is what it isand you must bend to its poweror live a lie~ Miyamoto Musashi hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! 1985 2020 (facebook) “Name… Continue Reading “I can handle the truth, it’s the lies that kill me”

must be the truth

February 9, 2022 picture of the day “Blinded by his arrogance,he failed to see the truth.” ~ Oshiego hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! The enemy can’t take you out so he’s trying to wear you out! Don’t QuitKeep Going! (Facebook)… Continue Reading “must be the truth”