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the love that remains

September 21, 2023 throwback Thursday saudade (n) a nostalgic longing to be near again to someone or something that is distantor that has been loved and then lost“the love that remains” Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn lyrics: I remember daddy’s hands folded silently in… Continue Reading “the love that remains”

Operation fish bowl

September 20, 2023 Operation Fishbowl 1962, a series of high-altitude nuclear detonation explosions trying to break through the Firmament (internet image) …an 11 minute video…we’re living in a dome! “NASA mastered the satellite deception using the dome (Firmament) as a signal dish, a reflector… Continue Reading “Operation fish bowl”

Shaving cream ~ humor (song)

September 19, 2023 Shaving cream by Benny Bell (internet image) lyrics: I have a sad story to tell youIt may hurt your feelings a bitLast night as I walked into my bathroomI stepped in a big pile of…Shaving cream, be nice and cleanShave every… Continue Reading “Shaving cream ~ humor (song)”

The Gospel of Thomas (video)

September 17, 2023 Gospel of Thomas “These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke. And Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.” …a 9 minute video “The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus: Thomas were dependent upon the synoptic gospels, it would be possible… Continue Reading “The Gospel of Thomas (video)”

Caught up in the country (song)

September 12, 2023 (internet image) lyrics: Square bales, flatbedsClothesline sunsetsSky blue, barn redWind chimes, front porchGood dogs, wood floorsWork boots, open doors And miles and miles of John Deere greenFreedom far as I can seeA road to run and room to breatheThat’s who I… Continue Reading “Caught up in the country (song)”

WEF caught paying arsonists

September 11, 2023 WEF Caught Paying Arsonists To ‘Burn Down the World’ as Part of Sick Depopulation Plan Arson …an 11 minute video ~ A New World Order will emerge from these wildfires ~ “Far-left arsonists are engaged in a globalist plot to “burn… Continue Reading “WEF caught paying arsonists”

What happened to the family of Cain?

September 19, 2023 (internet image) …an 18 minute video Genesis4: 16 (NKJV)Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of [a]Nod on the east of Eden. [a] Lit. Wandering hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!!