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What’s the difference: freemasonry and Hare Krishna

October 28, 2023 … an 8 minute read Freemasonry origin/background: ~ freemasonry is the largest international fraternal order in the world~ it is a secret society that seeks to perpetrate its traditions through symbolism, rituals and oaths made on pain of death if broken~… Continue Reading “What’s the difference: freemasonry and Hare Krishna”

What’s the difference: evolutionism

September 30, 2023 … an 8-minute read evolutionism (internet image) Origin and background: ~ also falls under the labels of Darwinism and Scientism~ a “religion” based on Charles Darwin’s theory that all of life forms evolved from a common ancestor~ the idea of evolution… Continue Reading “What’s the difference: evolutionism”

what’s the difference: Baha’i and Christian Science

August 26, 2023 …a 9-minute read Baha’i (internet image) ~ Baha’i is a movement started by an Iranian wool merchant and Shi’ite Muslim to reform Islam~ many Muslims had been waiting for another prophet to succeed Mohammed~ in 1844, Mirza Ali Mohammed (1819-1850) claimed… Continue Reading “what’s the difference: Baha’i and Christian Science”

what’s the difference: new age

July 29, 2023 Time to read: 11 minutes (I finally found where this is available while I’m editing, so now I can share how long of a read it is if appropriate) New Age ~ the serpent’s old lie in an updated package ~ (internet… Continue Reading “what’s the difference: new age”

What’s the difference: Mormonism

June 24, 2023 Mormons ~ as God is, man can become ~ (internet image) ~ officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it is the fastest growing cult in the history of the US~ membership in the Mormon Church… Continue Reading “What’s the difference: Mormonism”

What’s the difference: Jehovah’s Witness

May 27, 2023 What’s the difference: Jehovah’s Witness there is no hellhard work earns “paradise” Kingdom HallofJehovah’s Witnesses (internet image) ~ Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s) are known for their aggressive door-to-door witnessing program~ in the early 1980’s, the JW’s claimed a half a million members… Continue Reading “What’s the difference: Jehovah’s Witness”

what’s the difference: the occult

April 29, 2023 the occult (pinterest) occultoccultə-kŭlt′, ŏk′ŭlt″ [adjective] (pinterest) Where did the cults come from? ~ The word “cult” is defined as a “religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious”, from the Latin for “worship”.~ When Christians speak of the cult, they mean groups… Continue Reading “what’s the difference: the occult”