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seeing double?

April 27, 2020 “The quickest way to double your moneyis to fold it overand put it back in your pocket.”~ Will Rogers “Count your blessingseven when it’s tough.Especially when it’s tough.”~ unknown tomorrow is… April 28National Blueberry Pie DayNational Bravehearts DayNational Great Poetry Reading… Continue Reading “seeing double?”

Sounds Like French for Deja Vu!

Oct 30, 2019 Abstracts! Hope you enjoy!! Ok, I think I need to explain the title…at least a little. I was sitting here the other day and the phone rang. We have one of those phones that has a talking caller id. I got… Continue Reading “Sounds Like French for Deja Vu!”

Sunday’s Words

Oct 20, 2019 Usually, this is inspirational…I guess it still is, but there’s other “words” mixed in. Hope you enjoy! “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” ~ Maya Angelou “The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence… Continue Reading “Sunday’s Words”

Fun With Words

Sept 23, 2019 ADVERTISING! I think these are hilarious and had to share! You would never be able to get away with these kinds of ads now a days! I was going to include some interesting facts about advertising, but I couldn’t really find… Continue Reading “Fun With Words”

1269 PHOTOS: Leftovers

Sept 1, 2019 Not that much leftover. I thought there would be more, but not that bad. And I think most of them you have seen, or seen something similar! “I never kill insects. If I see ants or spiders in the room, I… Continue Reading “1269 PHOTOS: Leftovers”