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yellow and sweet

May 25, 2020 sweet like honeybright as sunshine simplepositivehappyyellow and sweet~ HCMorris ~ to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below pixelspicfairshutterstockpinterest hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! “If you weren’t you,then we’d all be a bit…

where birds talk and oceans sing

May 19, 2020 my thoughts for today I got a new vacuum for my new pool today! I ordered it anyway, should be here by Sunday. Not that I’m getting in the pool to clean it. It’s been way to cool for it!! Only…

upside down

May 18, 2020 fun with words upside downright side uponly youcan decidewhich is rightwhich is wrongupside downor right side up~ HCMorris ~ upside down: in such a way that the upper and lower parts are reversed in position; in or into great disorder (merriam-webster.com)…

a spider emerges

May 14, 2020 in the abstract out of a tunnela green and yellowabyssa spider emerges solitaryhairyordinaryis it gonna bite? intricatebenevolentprevalentis it poison? expertcleverforeverIt just wants to survive~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!!

two in blue

May 11, 2020 Am I keeping the theme going – two? Maybe, maybe not! Who knows what the rest of the day will bring! I know I’m supposed to do “fun with words” right now, but I’ve got some thoughts on my mind that…

blue dreams

May 10, 2020 softly dreaming in blueon a cold winters dayand I think of youso far away~ HCMorris ~ to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below…photos are also linked… picfair (moths and flying insects) hope you have a great…

a cool flame burns

May 8, 2020 A cool flame burnsInside a coneflickeringfade away~ HCMorris ~ hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! she fellshe crashedshe broke she criedshe crawledshe hurtshe surrendered and then… she rose again~ Beautiful Minds Anonymous

making statements

May 7, 2020 cell phone photos taken today… The wren has come backto make her nestin my strawberry planter normally I would take the bedding outto discourage such a homebut the weatheris suchthat I just can’t the wind has been blowingknocking things to and…

comfortably disturbed

May 7, 2020 in the abstract Explode into the unknown Is that a duckswallowingthe universe?Or is it giving life?To an unknown world?~ HCMorris “I want adventurein the great widesomewhere.”~ unknown Anything is possibleWhere magic happensAnd time slows down here is the original photo… “Plant…

a hiding spot

May 6, 2020 When we first got Kalimbahe would hide in the strangest spotsin the entertainment centerunder a blanketwith only his feet peeking outhe would hide in the strangest spots when we first got Kalimba~ HCMorris Some other photos of my cat… He used…

wash away the rain

May 4, 2020 fun with words “Black hole sunwon’t you comeand wash away the rain.”~ Soundgarden “Let the rain wash awayall the pain from yesterday”~ unknown “Rain has healing powers.It can wash awayyour worriesAnd cleanse your soul.”~ Unknown Rain: water falling in drops condensed…

dining for one

May 2, 2020 picture of the day This photo was taken with a Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT, through the bay window in the dining room, with a telephoto lens. Could be a better photo, but I think it works – all things considering?…

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