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time to play

March 30, 2020 The sun has comeafter many daysof hiding behindcloudsfogand colddrizzlysometimes hard rain And now I must play!~ HCMorris ~ See you again real soonlike, this afternoon!And like always…Take careStay safeAnd oh so muchLove


March 26, 2020 time to laughto cryto sleepto dreamto travelto stay putto loveto let love go so muchhas happenedin the years gone bybirthdaysanniversariesa birtha deatha weddinga tripto here or there life has startedlife goes onlife cut shortthe highsthe lowstears have been shedand laughter has…

It’s Been A While…

March 25, 2020 Picture of the Day Blue the SnailWants to Say hiFrom the comfortOf his tankHoping all is wellAnd everyone is staying safe!~ HCMorris ~ the photo above was taken just after I cleaned the tank and some algae got stuck on Blue’s…

a picture is worth a thousand words

March 23, 2020 A Red Winged BlackbirdOutside my windowLooking for foodAnd any sign of trouble~~~With birds and thingsAll aroundI stand aloneWhile surrounded by lovecommunityAnd a sense of being~ HCMorris ~ I know it’s not a thousand words…but, that’s the way it is 🙂 When…

a comfy place

March 21, 2020 Cell Phone Photostaken today~ 3 – 20 – 2020 ~ oh give me a placethat is comfy to sitand the snacksaren’t to far away where I can lay here with easeand there aren’t any fleasand the snacks aren’t that far away…

before I go…

March 19, 2020 I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling better todayjust allergies acting upand gray skieswith rainmaking me feel sadand blueAll this talk of the corona virusgets me down in the dumpsTurn the tv offand turn up the music!grab…

is anyone looking?

March 16, 2020 I’ll be doing a post in a little bit based around all this panic buying…and all this panic in general. I just wanted to let you know…trying to keep life as normal as possible. I just need to get my thoughts…

oh pretty violet

March 14, 2020 cell phone photo VioletPretty VioletOh Pretty VioletModestySpiritual wisdomFailthfulnessHumilityDelicate Love~ HCMorris ~ February Birth FlowerState flower of Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Rhode Island50th Wedding anniversarywhite violet = candordreaming of violets mean that a fortune is coming your way Tomorrow is… March…

candy striped leaf hopper?

March 14, 2020 Picture of the Week I think it isI think it isa leaf hopper bugof the candy stripe kind~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to Amazon: Smithsonian Handbooks: Insects by George C. McGavin; available as…

under the green canopy

March 12, 2020 Under the green canopyis where you will find methinking of days gone byand what the future may hold~ HCMorris ~ tomorrow is… March 13National Good Samaritan DayNational Jewel DayNational K9 Veterans DayNational Open An Umbrella Indoors Day(Umm…no thank you, and on…

on the ocean

March 7, 2020 Not surewherethis photowas takenor by whombut it is pretty. . .is it sunrise?or sunset?only the makerof the picturedoes know~ HCMorris ~ I do believe it was my grandmother, on one of her adventures… Tomorrow is… March 8, 2020International Women’s DayDaylight Saving…

Another passerine bird

March 5, 2020 and on this daybut not that onenor the one beforea hungry starling~ HCMorris ~ A population of over 200 million in the U.Scompete with native bird populations anddestroy crops Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! Linked to amazon:…

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