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dining for one

August 13, 2020 We are under flood watch today…so my eyes will be trained to the sky. We had some pretty impressive storms yesterday evening, but I didn’t have to drain that much out of the pool. Which is a good thing! Of course,… Continue Reading “dining for one”


August 3, 2020 fun with words Hollyupside downor right side upis still the samejust out to lunchdiscombobulateddownside-upnever vacillated~ HCMorris ~ “After all, if curiosity killed the catit was satisfaction that brought him back.”~ Holly Black “In my artsy lifethe ordinary become the extraordinary.”~ Holly… Continue Reading “HOLLY”

come with me

July 29, 2020 Not feeling so good at the moment. Don’t really feel sick, but something just doesn’t feel right. Just one of those feelings I need to pay attention to. So I’m going to take some time and just relax…hopefully I’ll be back… Continue Reading “come with me”

new and improved

July 24, 2020 Once a fishermanalways a fisherman or should that befisherwoman?fisherperson? Never teach a fish to swim ~ Proverb “Love is a netthat catcheshearts like fish”~ Muhammad Ali Buzzbait: safety pin wire lures for surface fishing, that has a propeller blade on one… Continue Reading “new and improved”

take me away

July 16, 2020 picture of the day Blue winterTake me awayFrom all thisFrom all this heat~ HCMorris ~ this photo has not been edited, accept to take out any blemishes and maybe to brighten it a little to see what photos/art I have available,… Continue Reading “take me away”

By Candlelight

July 13, 2020 Since we’re in the middle of summer, and enjoying the heat…or not, I thought I’d reblog some of my Christmas posts. Here is oneHope you enjoy! originally posted Dec 15, 2019 By CandlelightIn a Christmas treeThe joy of ChristmasLights the way~… Continue Reading “By Candlelight”

something to say…

June 19, 2020 originally posted Dec 12, 2019 In the good ole summer timea frog stops byto say“Ribbit” which translates into human as “Hello!” ~ HCMorris ~ to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfairshutterstockpinterest Hope you are having… Continue Reading “something to say…”

the cat in the sink

June 18, 2020 the cat in the sinkdon’t you dare thinkthat he is readyfor a bath~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! I’m putting this in free images, if yo would like to use it!

show me the way

June 15, 2020 picture of the day Yellow dandelionshow me the wayto brightand happy days~ HCMorris to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfair (albums)shutterstockpinterest hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! Give yourself creditfor the daysyou’ve… Continue Reading “show me the way”

I am not alone

May 28, 2020 though no one is with methe room filled with only oneI am not alone the world keeps on movingpassing me byI am not alone I sit under the treesbirds singingbees buzzingI am not alone my thoughts surround mecomfortablebreathing in calmI am… Continue Reading “I am not alone”

reality does escape

May 27, 2020 abstract thoughts swirlingtwirlingthoughts in purple updownnot one burble all is calmall is quietas thoughts take shape solid becomes liquidliquid becomes smokeand reality does escape~ HCMorris ~ no national day, birthdays, or on this day today 😦 to see what photos/art I… Continue Reading “reality does escape”

I Got It!

May 26, 2020 you threw itI got it!now, throw it again!!~ HCMorris ~ to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… picfair (Bald Eagles – 4 images) “To shine your brightestis to be who you truly are.”~ Roy T. Bennett… Continue Reading “I Got It!”

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