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raining down on me

Feb 17, 2020 I know it’s kinda early for another post for me, but I’m getting ready to head out and cut another tree down. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to show you some pics! Fire raining downOn meAll aroundthe darkness enfoldsWith bursts…

Guarding my water dish

Feb 16, 2020 Guarding my water dishwith the ferocity of a lion~ HCMorris ~ Tomorrow is… Presidents DayNational Random Acts of Kindness DayNational Cabbage Day Hope you have a great day, night, or eveningwhere ever you may be!Thanks for stopping by!! On Amazon: Measure…

Fierce as Red

Feb 15, 2020 “White is not a mere absence of color;it is a shining and affirmative thing,as fierce as red,as definite as black.”~ unknown so, I didn’t take any cell phone photos today…it’s freezing cold out and I spent most of the day cleaning,…

Reflection In A Bottle

Feb 14, 2020 A reflection in a bottleOn a day of love?A day of romance?TodayI do my own thingFor meTo be the bestThat I canTo be the bestMe I can be~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! need to…

Someone Turns 13 Today!

Feb 14, 2020 Today is Kalimba’sMr TuxedoCrazy CatMy Baby BoyToday is his birthday! He was an alley catA straySo it’s only a guessThat todayIs his day He’s a good mouserAnd even thoughHe gets me up Way too earlyHe has earned his keep Happy BirthdayIf…

It happened again…

Feb 14, 2020 A rose for youon this dayof lovefriendshipValentine’s Day~ HCMorris ~ So, yep, it happened again… I must be in the twilight zone or something, because my “Picture of the Day” posted two days ago – today! So, to see today’s picture,…

black and white flower

Feb 13, 2020 Imagination… Turned black and whiteAll the shapes to seeNot just natureAt its bestBut also moodshappy or sadgloomy or whimsicalsomething romantica reflection of ourselves StoriesTo tellOr keep to our selfA NovelA Poemor just something short ArtA storyA mood~ HCMorris ~ All I…

An American Legend?

Feb 11, 2020 A LegendI am not Or am I?the storyof dreamsof loveof familyand friendsof hopeof perseveranceand not giving up~ HCMorris ~ I don’t have a Frederick legend today, I worked today and just got home from grocery shopping. So tomorrow… Tomorrow is National…

I can reach

Feb 11, 2020 Reach for the skythe underside of the bridgewhat ever you choosePlease make sure it’s clean!~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below is linked to Amazon ……

missing the sun

Feb 10, 2020 when will it stop raining?I’d really like to knowthe raindropsandthe teardropsmix together as one~ HCMorris ~ Seriously, it’s supposed to rain here through at least Wednesday if not all week long. Makes it really depressing… Do I miss the sun?its happy…

Where I grew up

Feb 10, 2020 Where I grew upMemories were madeThe old houseOn that country lane~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below, as well as images in my post are linked…

no. . . winds of change

Feb 7, 2020 no wordsno thoughtsno descriptionnowinds of change~ HCMorris ~ So we’re still under a high wind advisery… there haven’t been any trees or major branches come down. So all is good, for now anyway! I’m thinking – for the most part –…

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mis·cel·la·ne·ous –adjective 1. Consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character 2. Having various qualities, aspects, or subjects

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