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world population – August,31, 2023

August 31, 2023 It’s been a while since I posted any updates on the world population – since February, to be exact. So I thought I’d look into it again today. To be honest, I kind of got bored with it. The numbers were… Continue Reading “world population – August,31, 2023”

World population (11)

February 21, 2023 On February 14, 2023, the population was… Worldometer Current World Population (February 14, 2023) 8,016,737,430 Today: Births today: 165, 475deaths today: 82,862population growth today: 82,613 (screen shot) On February, at approximately 11:30am (EST), the world population was: Worldometer Current World Population… Continue Reading “World population (11)”

world population (8)

January 24, 2023 On January 16, at approximately 11am, the world population was… worldometer current world population (January 16, 2023) 8,011,607,635 today: births today: 169,098deaths today: 84,676population growth today:84,422 (screen shot) this year: births this year: 6,042,704deaths this year: 3,025,903population growth this year: 3,016,801… Continue Reading “world population (8)”

world population (7)

January 17, 2023 You thought I forgot, didn’t you? It did temporarily slip my mind, but I did take a couple of screen shots this morning, so here we go… On January 10, 2023, at approximately1030am, the world population was… Current World Population (January… Continue Reading “world population (7)”

160 countries have signed on to reducing the world population by 2030

January 10, 2023 Don’t listen to what people say,watch what they do. (pinterest) a seven minute video… “In 1994 the World Population Summit in Cairo, Egypt had 160 nations participating where they all agreed that the human population was out of control and must… Continue Reading “160 countries have signed on to reducing the world population by 2030”

world population (6)

January 10, 2023 On January 6, 2023, the world population was Current World Population (January 6, 2023) 8,009,614,792 Today: births today: 215,563deaths today: 107,944population growth today: 107,619 This Year: births this year: 2,051,045deaths this year: 1,027,067population growth this year: 1,023,977 (screenshot) On January 10,… Continue Reading “world population (6)”

world population (5)

January 6, 2023 On January 3, 2023 at approximately 1030 am, the world population was: worldometer Current World Population 8,009,038,374 Today:births today: 162,174deaths today: 81,209population growth today: 80,965 (screenshot) This year: births this year: 896,414deaths this year: 448,882population growth this year: 447,531 (screenshot) On… Continue Reading “world population (5)”