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5 eggs?!?

June 7, 2021 picture of the day Poor little wren! We’ll see how many make it! This is the second nest, this year, on my deck! The first nest was situated behind a metal sun decoration… In that nest, there were 4 surviving babies.… Continue Reading “5 eggs?!?”


Jan 6, 2020 Picture of the Day While out for a walk one dayI noticed a nestNot so far away A robin? A wren?I think it just might beAbandoned~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either… Continue Reading “abandoned”

Picture of the week 4June 29, 2019

Taken June 27, 2019 with my LG cell phone camera. This is the nest that was inside the flower pot. Now that the babies have left the nest, we won’t hear from them again until next year!

Picture of the Day 18June 27, 2019

Taken June 26, 2019 Luckily, for me, the babies left the nest while I was busy doing other things! I say this because last year, they left the nest while I was sitting in my chair and one of them landed on my head!… Continue Reading “Picture of the Day 18June 27, 2019”