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Happy together

July 21, 2021 I’m sitting here, waiting for the laundry to finish so I can dump the dirt that’s in the trailer. Don’t want to hang up clean laundry while I’m all dirty and sweaty. Yesterday, I worked a little on the walkway to… Continue Reading “Happy together”

All This Fresh air…

March 8, 2020 Cell Phone Sunday I know my cell phone day is usually on Saturday, but the way things have been going, my cell phone days have been on Sundays! Hope you enjoy! But first, I have to tell you that we went… Continue Reading “All This Fresh air…”

A Lot of Brown

Dec 28, 2019 Cell Phone Pics Been a more relaxed day today! Which I really needed…considering I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I was tuckered out from yesterday…oh well, life goes on, right? That’s the same dandelion that is my… Continue Reading “A Lot of Brown”

No Damage Done!It could’ve been worse!

Oct 20, 2019 I was sitting here, getting ready to do the Carefree Saturday post when I felt a thump and heard a crash! I asked my son if that was thunder, he said yeah. Just as this happened, my boyfriend had walked outside…he… Continue Reading “No Damage Done!It could’ve been worse!”


…it was gone! The tree branch, that is! July 18, 2019 I just wanted to put in a side note here that this is a continuation of my StraightWinds post. My boyfriend was off work today, so we were able to take care of… Continue Reading “AND THEN…”