words by HCMorris

Stories/words are in no particular order


I looked up
I looked up
and there was the moon
shining and green
with rings round and round

looking over the midnight sky
~ HCMorris ~
to places unknown

“Even the smallest of waterfalls
can soothe a troubled soul.”
~ HCMorris ~

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Beware of jaws
the ides of march
the fury of a patient man
bad luck
not so good luck
bite your head off
beware the person
who can’t be bothered
a woman’s scorn
the devil is in the details
so please
do beware
the snail bites
~ HCMorris ~
grow where there is room
America: A Legend
dancing in red
a rose of many colors
raining down on me
sayin’ hi
“Now That’s Funny”
Upside Down
beautiful brown eyes
the cat in the sink
take me away
new and improved
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by candlelight
yellow and sweet
black and white flower
lines at sunset
“Poor Gargoyle”
can you keep a secret?
a cool flame burns
candy striped leaf hopper
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come with me
I got it!
time to play
I am not alone
blue dreams
another passerine bird
show me the way
a spider emerges
leaving their mark
anything is possible
it’s been a while
“good vibrations”
time (2)
stop in the field
just peeking in
oh pretty violet
stuck (2)
Hatteras Sunset
November Yellow
all in blue
Guarding my water dish
“blowing in the wind”
“a green star”
no . . .
“Come with me”
where I grew up
missing the sun
I can reach
an American Legend
go with the flow
reflection in a bottle
in a real good way
icy fingers
I bite
the vortex
watching you
mixed messages
the ride: with life, with love
in the abstract (2)

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