why won’t the news warn us, let us know what is really going on? ~ part two

December 11, 2022

It came to my attention that the link I posted in part one ~ why won’t the news warn us, let us know what is really going on? ~ was broken. I have fixed it, I think. But I also found him on rumble.

It’s the same headline and all, but a little different. Facebook censors everything!

Here’s another one, more recent – about the mark of the beast…a 40 minute video.

In the video he states – he thinks – that the mark of the beast is the “fake” star of David. The symbol we know as the star of David isn’t the same symbol used in ancient times.

Whatever the case may be, God warns us not worship any other gods. Whether it be symbols, statues or idols, whatever – we tend to put an importance on that “symbol”, taking away the direct connection to God.

My son and I were talking about praying. He asked me if it was okay to have a picture of Jesus…I said the image is fine (although the image we know today may not be what he really looked like), but when you pray to that image, that becomes a problem. God doesn’t want that – he wants communication with us – a direct communication.

I know I’ve stated in the past that the mark of the beast is false religion. I will stand by that, because what he’s essentially stating is the same thing – fake or false religion.

It is interesting what he has to say…

~ he talks a little about the earth being hundreds of thousands, if not millions, years old – I don’t believe it’s that old. I’ll be posting stuff about that soon.
~ this is his opinion – but I think there are some important points he makes and shows on the screen behind him.

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