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find peace

October 3, 2022 wonderful ~ beautiful you find peacenot by rearranging the circumstancesbut by realizing you are at the deepest level~ Eckhart Tolle DIY Tin Oil Lamp In Case Of A Power Outage: ask a prepper…“Making a tin oil lamp is easy if you… Continue Reading “find peace”

a lone bloom in October

October 3, 2022 my words lonely pink bloomin Octoberso pretty hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! Death To The New World Order (wimkin) There are days when you just need to skip the cup and drink directly from the pot! (facebook)… Continue Reading “a lone bloom in October”

Oh no!

October 3, 2022 garden porn cover your eyes!shield the children!there is some wild and naturalfornication going on in the garden! oh no, oh no, no, no, no …this is going on Facebook, you can bet on it! If by chance you missed it, back… Continue Reading “Oh no!”

real freedom

October 3, 2022 picture of the day pay for goods with cashthat is freedom from debtbetter stilldon’t buy any goodsthat don’t offer food, shelter or clothing now you are moving towards real freedomand happinessand you will be helping to save the planet~ Steve Carlsson… Continue Reading “real freedom”


October 2, 2022 wonderful ~ beautiful perseverance isthe hard work you doafter you get tiredof the hard work you already did~ Newt Gingrich The Great Depression: ask a prepper…this is story that was sent to the editor about her family’s determination to survive the… Continue Reading “perseverance”

“You’re more than just a number!!”

October 2, 2022 We are each unique in our own way. God made each of us as individuals, and there is no one on earth just like us. He also understands why we are the way that we are. Know today that you are… Continue Reading ““You’re more than just a number!!””

unalienable rights

October 2, 2022 picture of the day unalienable rights Unalienable (un-aLIENable) incapable of being alienatedthat is, sold and transferred~ Black’s Law Dictionary ~sixth edition, page 1523You cannot surrender, sell, or transfer unalienable rightsthey are a gift from the creatorto the individual and cannot under… Continue Reading “unalienable rights”