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March 26, 2023

100 Days

It’s been another 100 days, which means it’s time for another break. This time, I think I’m taking a longer break. I’m thinking I will be taking the week off, coming back on April 1st. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be around at all over the next five days… just that I won’t be posting like I usually do. It’s only for a few days. Everything will be okay!

Next year’s wood pile. It’s a good start, really good start for next year’s heating supply. For anyone that doesn’t know, the wood stove is our only heat source. Back in January 2018, as we were having the wood stove installed, the heat pump went up. We had to make do with propane heat – the kind used for camping – for a couple of weeks…but we got through.

Considering that I had already taken a loan for the wood stove, I couldn’t afford to add the cost of a new heat pump, so it has to wait until the wood stove is paid off. I’ve almost paid it off at this point, so after I do a few things I’ve been putting off – like build a wood shed, put a couple of awnings up, and a few other things – I will bite the bullet and buy a new heat pump.

Anyway… I’ve got a few things going on at the moment. On the 17th, my dad passed away 6 years ago, the 15th would have been my mom’s 79th birthday if she were still walking this earth, and today is my birthday. I joined WordPress on the 20th, 4 years ago and published my first post on the 25th.

some birthday photos…

I got a handful of books – Margaret Atwood books The Handmaids Tale and The Testaments and two Mark Twain books – Wit and Wisdom and The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories. Someone knows I love books! It almost doesn’t matter what kind of books they are either. I love Doctor Seuss, but my son decided to get me something different.
The sun came out and I went for a much needed walk. The last two days have been rainy and chilly and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. Seeing things come back to life does something to the soul – it feels good!

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life…

it goes on

~ Robert Frost


This time of year is bittersweet for me. Life and death…sometimes it can be overwhelming. The gardens are breathing life again, wanting my attention. Wanting to celebrate life, I also remember my parents. As much as I miss them both, I am grateful they are not here to witness what is going on in the world today. It’s hard enough as it is. I know they would be proud of what I have accomplished the last few years, I am their daughter after all. It’s still hard missing them sometimes.

There are days I just want to give up, but I’m stronger than that. The next five days will give me time to update things, fix broken links, and hopefully get some garden work done. And just breathe! I forgot to mention, I also got some veggie seeds – tomato and squash. I will be starting them in the front window in the next couple of days. I want more and plan on buying some blueberry bushes and possibly some other edible plants, depending on what I can get my hands on. I’m starting the seeds inside because it’s still too early to put them outside. There is still a chance for frost for the next few weeks.

I think I’ve rambled on enough, so I’m gonna say see ya later alligator. Oh, and don’t be surprised if I don’t post something throughout the week. I’ve still got my “wonderful ~ beautiful” post which I will be posting in a bit, but after that, for the next few days I will be mostly AWOL.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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