My Name Is Max: the big move

May 6, 2020

The house had asbestos siding, which meant that when they tore it down and burned it, they had to remove it safely. The photo to the left is what the original siding looked like – which was originally German Siding. The photo to the right is with the asbestos siding.

In 1990, we moved from the old farm house to the house I live in now. We kept the same address, and the same phone number. So, you could technically say I’ve lived at the same address for most of my life. It’s really kinda technical, but we did a land swap with the Jehovah Witnesses, which is how we were able to move to a new house and keep the same address and phone number (after dad died, I had the phone number changed because of my sister).

Since it was being torn down, we were allowed to take anything and everything we could/wanted to take. And we did…including the kitchen sink! The old, porcelain claw foot tub was sold. The custom made kitchen cabinets are in the basement, used for storage – for mason jars, kitchen utensils that aren’t always used, and tools. Considering that we don’t have a garage, it’s the only place we have. I know dad wanted to build a garage, but it’s expensive and other things kept coming up.

The new addition was only three or four years old when we moved, which is why everything that could be saved, was saved. We still have the windows! They’re not good for anything, but we have them.

As you can tell, everything that could be taken or salvaged, was. Shortly after we had moved out, we had a delivery. The delivery man – UPS – didn’t know we had moved and thought we had been robbed! He went to the school and asked if everything was ok at the Morris’, “They’ve been robbed! Everything’s gone!” The secretary at the school told him that everything was ok, we had just moved up the street.

We took every bit of stone we could get our hands on

Dad even got stung by some hornets as he was dismantling the stone from the chimney. The stone I use for walkways and what not came from the old house.

Moving in…

Those are the same azalea bushes (bottom, right) that line the driveway now, only much, much bigger.

My how everything has changed! But, yet, still the same!

I have to tell you, I did not want to move! I loved that old farm house. When I said something to dad a few years ago, he said that he felt the same way. That old farmhouse was sturdy as can be, it had wood heat, a summer kitchen and a smoke house, and land to put a vegetable garden in. A big one! Here, we can do something small. Even the original well could have probably been uncapped and turned into a hand well, if push came to shove. But, they talked me into moving, and here we are…

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