no regrets…no explanation…no apologies

November 17, 2021

picture of the day

July 26, 2021

You don’t have to defend
or explain your decisions to anyone.
It’s your life!
Live it without apologies!

Hope you have a great day!
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Autumn holds a wonder all its own.

~ Laura Jaworski


Did they release the official figures yet on how many lives were saved by taping arrows to the floors of supermarket aisles?


I have always been a little odd. I understand that I’m not meant for everybody.

To those soul’s who accept my madness, imperfections and this mouth that can run wild at times. You are forever in my heart.


take care
stay safe
much love

2 Comments on “no regrets…no explanation…no apologies

  1. This photo is lovely Holly, and thanks so much for the reminder that we don’t need to explain or apologize for our decisions. I needed to hear that today.
    Keep up the interesting and unique work of yours! Good job!!

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