be bold

January 26, 2023

throwback Thursday

~ same picture, different edits~
I think I like the one on the left better,
but the one on the right shows a little clearer details
although a little harsh

freedom lies in being bold
~ Robert Frost

…I have a feeling that this photo may be from around 1881, or shortly after the American Civil War. It is in a Bible that was published at that time, in Philadelphia. There are no details on the back of the photo. As far as I know, the Bible came from “Aunt Hilda’s” house, a relative on my mom’s side of the family. The woman can be anybody, but I have a feeling it could very possibly be my great, great grandmother, or some other relation.

When Aunt Hilda passed away, my mom managed to get to her house and get a few items before they auctioned everything off. The Bible, which has a few keep sakes (cards, a photo, brochures and a pamphlet), and a dining room table. She may have paid for the items, but I was young so I’m not sure.

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