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be bold

January 26, 2023 throwback Thursday ~ same picture, different edits~I think I like the one on the left better, but the one on the right shows a little clearer detailsalthough a little harsh freedom lies in being bold~ Robert Frost …I have a feeling… Continue Reading “be bold”

Because every picture tells a story

May 20, 2021 throwback Thursday Everyone knew her as Rose or Rosa, and was my great grandfathers sister, on my dad’s side. “God creates the beauty. My camera and I are witness.” – Mark Denman hope you have a great day! thanks for stopping… Continue Reading “Because every picture tells a story”

my name is Max: A Grandson is Born

July 9, 2020 A Grandson is Born In 1998, Dakota was born. My dad wasn’t too pleased with the fact that I had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. My mom, was ecstatic! My cancer doctor called me one morning in January and told me… Continue Reading “my name is Max: A Grandson is Born”

my name is max: Holly has cancer

June 24, 2020 Holly Has Cancer In 1995, I graduated from high school…but not without some trials first. About a month before graduation, dad noticed something wasn’t right – with me, my body. I had been losing weight, but looked like I was about… Continue Reading “my name is max: Holly has cancer”

Me and My sister

Me and My Sister June 11, 2020 I feel that I need to write this, to be able to move on with my dad’s story… I also need to state that this is written from my point of view, as my sister is no… Continue Reading “Me and My sister”

my first fish

June 6, 2020 You probably remember me telling you about catching my first fish in my dad’s story. I’m going to crop and fix each image, I just haven’t had the time. I really just wanted to show you the images. I have included… Continue Reading “my first fish”

My Name Is Max: It’s A Girl!

April 22, 2020 Before I was born, mom frosted her hair…when the frosting wouldn’t take on the second try in 1976; mom’s hairdresser told her that she had to be pregnant. Being pregnant is the only reason why the dye or frost wouldn’t take…… Continue Reading “My Name Is Max: It’s A Girl!”