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ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper

August 3, 2020 I took this photo today with my cell phone…I was going to close the window because it was raining when I noticed him. By the time I finished photographing him, it had stopped raining. “Now climb, young grasshopper, so your Kung… Continue Reading “ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper”

call me crazy…

July 14, 2020 originally posted Dec 5, 2019 a space saver?or is it space savor?(not my photo) bright eyedbut not bushy tailed… a piece of work… pink headedor rather bull headed… but don’t call me late for dinner! Tomorrow is Dec 6… national miner’s… Continue Reading “call me crazy…”

By Candlelight

July 13, 2020 Since we’re in the middle of summer, and enjoying the heat…or not, I thought I’d reblog some of my Christmas posts. Here is oneHope you enjoy! originally posted Dec 15, 2019 By CandlelightIn a Christmas treeThe joy of ChristmasLights the way~… Continue Reading “By Candlelight”


June 22, 2020 fun with words “Simplicity boils down to two steps:identify the essentialeliminate the rest”~ Leo Babauta Simplicity: noun – the quality or condition of being easy to understand– the quality or condition of being simple(online dictionary) “In simplicity you will find peace.”~… Continue Reading “simplicity”

new business cards

June 13, 2020 my thoughts for today Just wanted to show you my new business cards… On the actual cards everything looks good, except the pinterest address is kinda small, so before I print my next batch I will try and readjust… But other… Continue Reading “new business cards”


June 12, 2020 “Like a snake mouth a gap howling at the Moon!”~ The Mysterious Blogger Unknowna 2011 movie starring Liam Neeson into the unknown unknown: (adj.) – not known or familiar “It feels good to be lost in the right direction.” ~ unknown… Continue Reading “unknown”

too hot to think

June 10, 2020 my thoughts for today At the moment, it is 92 degrees (33.3C) outside and the humidity is making it feel over 100 degrees. Thank goodness for the pool, as we don’t have air conditioning. How would I survive without the pool?… Continue Reading “too hot to think”