I went fishing

September 17, 2023

Since I took a few days off from Holly’s World, I decided to go fishing on Thursday. I had all day to go to the river and enjoy myself…a good day was had!

on the Potomac River…

We were there most of the day and managed to catch nine catfish!

The water is way low, which may be the reason we had such a successful day. It wasn’t that hot either.

I did manage to collect some more flower seeds, which will be added to one of my gardens. I probably won’t plant them until spring, I need to clear out a spot or two, to give them space to grow. I might even put some down by the frog pond I am working on.

~ panoramic view ~

Where we park is about a twenty minute drive from my house. Where we go fishing on the river is about a mile’s walk up the C and O Canal, just off the side where an old boat ramp used to be. The boat ramp can’t be seen in any of my photos, and I didn’t think to take a photo. Where we are is like a little alcove, hidden from passersby. In the photo just above, the boat ramp is on the right, just beyond the green grass and white flowers. The C and O Canal is pretty much to the right – off camera. There is plenty of shade, even if the chair has to be moved periodically. Which I did do…for whatever reason I can’t take the hot afternoon sun like I used to be able to.

on the C and O Canal…

The tree just above is an awesome tree! It has managed to survive, despite its middle/inner parts being gone.

Canal Kitty…

This kitty has apparently been on the canal for some time. My housemate said it’s the same cat he saw several weeks ago. I’m not so sure that it was dumped or is feral…he or she looks way too clean and didn’t seem to be afraid of me when I stepped a little closer to see if I could get a couple of better photos. He could very possibly walk there from either side, as there are houses not too far away, if walking on the path. Regardless, someone has been feeding it. I saw an empty can of cat food just off the path.

I was exhausted by the time we got home and went to bed early. It probably didn’t help much that I had been up since 6am that morning – it is what it is. Tuesday morning is going to come around way too quick, I think. But at the same time, I’ll be glad to be back… I do miss it here!

*photos are mine and made on the Potomac River/C and O Canal near Harper’s Ferry

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

We will be eating quite a bit of catfish this winter, but I will not complain.

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  1. That’s awesome, sounds like a great day! Catfish is my favorite. I can’t get it up here where I’m at and I’m always craving a catfish poboy.

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