watching you

Feb 27, 2020

(taken November 30, 2019)
big blue
is watching you
~ HCMorris ~
AMAZON: The Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide: Attracting, Nesting, Feeding

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linked to Amazon: The Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide: Attracting, Nesting, Feeding by Jan Mahnken; available as paperback and hardcover; 320 pages, published by Storey Publishing, LLC (January 8, 1996); “Whether you’d like to wake up to a cheery robin’s birdsong or see hummingbirds in your garden, Jan Mahnken has you covered. In this colorful reference book, you’ll find simple tips to attract, feed, and observe 135 American bird species. Mahnken provides information on territory, courtship, nesting, parenting, and much more, while Jeffrey C. Domm brings each species to life with stunningly detailed paintings.” (AMAZON) I am an Amazon Affiliate and may make money with qualified purchases. Thank You!!

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“Live one day at a time,
unless you can figure out how to live two.”
~ Dik Browne

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